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Want the freedom of wireless? 
Visiting Geeks are wireless experts.

We can help with secure wireless data networking for homes, offices, lobbies, waiting rooms, marinas, warehouses and almost anywhere.

Medical Offices Commercial Buildings Video Surveillance Special Offers

How does wireless networking work?
We'd be happy to help you select and set up your wireless network securely. All you need is a cable or DSL connection, a wireless router, and if your computers are not wireless-ready, wireless adapter cards. Most laptops purchased within the past year are wireless-ready. We can either set up the wireless parts you've already purchased, or if you don't want to hassle with selecting wireless networking parts, we can bring them along for your convenience.

Medical Offices
With the onset of the HIPAA regulations, it's imperative your wireless network is set up correctly to not only protect your patients' personal medical files, but also to avoid fines imposed by the federal government. Visiting Geeks is abreast of HIPAA regulations and the special impact they make on physicians and medical offices. We'd be happy to help you secure your wireless network, whether you have an existing one and you need to make sure it's secure, or you'd like to set up a new network.

Large Commercial Buildings
If you manage a large business in a commercial location, it makes sense to first implement a wireless survey to make sure your wireless investment pays off. Some buildings are made of dense materials that won't allow for reliable wireless connections. For homeowners, this is usually not an issue, since most homes are constructed from wood, which wireless signals can easily travel through.

Video Surveillance
Now with the availability of quality wireless video cameras, you can place cameras anywhere you want in your home or office and not have to pay the expense of running wires. 

Video surveillance enables you to see what's happening at your home or office while you're away, or who's knocking at the front door. There are two common methods used to monitor video surveillance, including across your local network so data runs within your home or office, or across the Internet, enabling you to login from any Web browser to see what's happening.

If you'd like to see what's going on while you're away from the office or home, call Visiting Geeks to help set up your wireless video surveillance.

SPECIAL OFFER: Wireless Security Check

Is your wireless network secure? We can tell you if it is!

Are you certain your neighbors aren't piggybacking on your wireless network at your expense, or worse, accessing your personal files?

We'd be happy to tell you with certainty if your computer is configured correctly and securely, thus protecting your personal data. Remember, most wireless access points come with the security features disabled! How can we tell if your network is secure? It's simple, really. By using some specialized equipment that only a Geek would own...:-), we can tell if your network is secure, or not, simply by driving by your home or business. 

What's your cost for us to facilitate this test, and of course, give you peace-of-mind? We charge $147 for up to one hour of testing and adjustments to optimize and secure your wireless environment.

If you want Visiting Geeks to facilitate a wireless security evaluation, just call or email us. We can usually schedule the evaluation within 48 hours of your request Monday through Friday.

During this visit we'd be happy to show you how to check if someone is accessing your network from the outside.

In addition to security issues, if too many users are accessing the Internet via your wireless network, you could notice a decrease in performance.