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How secure is your computer?

Should you add parental controls?

What is a firewall?

As Internet usage has grown, so have security threats.

FACT: The average time a DSL or cable modem user is online before he/she is attacked is less than 10 minutes!

The only way to protect your computer from hackers is with a firewall, especially if you have an always-on Internet connection like DSL or a cable modem. What's more, you're at even greater risk if you're using a wireless network. It's not unusual to have a neighbor checking out your personal files on YOUR computer because your firewall/wireless modem weren't configured correctly in order to prevent outside access [intruders].

Firewalls are devices and/or software programs that keep hackers from sneaking into your computer and accessing your sensitive data. Firewalls also prevent Spyware programs from transmitting information about your computer to others.

Questions We Can Answer

  • Should you use a software firewall or a hardware firewall?
  • If you already have a firewall, how do you know it's working correctly?
  • What's the difference between a firewall bought at Staples for $99, versus ones considered "commercial" and retail for $500 and up?

Should you set up parental controls on your child's computer? This is a personal choice. There are a wide range of software programs you can put on your child's computer that'll allow you to track where they're going, report to you every day their activities, block Web sites, etc. You can know as little or as much as you want.

All of us at Visiting Geeks believe the most important step you can take to protect your child from Internet dangers, is to know what the dangers are, and then talk about them with your child. Talk...Talk...Talk...


Let Visiting Geeks help protect you, your children or your employees, by properly installing and configuring your security, virus and child access controls.