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Special Offers

Wireless Security Check
Is your wireless network secure? We can tell you if it is!

Are you certain your neighbors aren't piggybacking on your wireless network at your expense, or worse, accessing your personal files?

We'd be happy to tell you with certainty if your computer is configured correctly and securely, thus protecting your personal data. Remember, most wireless access points come with the security features disabled! How can we tell if your network is secure? It's simple, really. By using some specialized equipment that only a Geek would own...:-), we can tell if your network is secure, or not, simply by driving by your home or business. 

What's your cost for us to facilitate this test, and of course, give you peace-of-mind? We charge $147 for up to one hour of testing and adjustments to optimize and secure your wireless environment.

If you want Visiting Geeks to facilitate a wireless security evaluation, just call us at 978.346.4087. We can usually schedule the evaluation within 48 hours of your request Monday through Friday.

During this visit we'd be happy to show you how to check if someone is accessing your network from the outside.

In addition to security issues, if too many users are accessing the Internet via your wireless network, you could notice a decrease in performance.