Jobs at Visiting Geeks

Management Team

Dick Wai-Cheong Man is just a Computer Nerd. He has been in the computer industry for, uh, a long long time. Experiences span from studying encryption algorithm under the R of RSA, designing software to trap hackers, reverse engineering a network protocol (requested by the government), keeping a 20,000 ATM/Credit Card network up and running 24x7, to removing pesky computer viruses. Dick brings an in-depth knowledge and a common sense approach to IT services for home, SOHO professionals and enterprising businesses.

He graduated with a S.B. in Computer Engineering at M.I.T. and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago.

The Visiting Geeks team is made up of 6 individuals, including three senior desktop, networking, security and wireless technicians, who combined, have more than 45 years of hands-on computer experience and almost every computer certification known to man! Each technician has at least seven years technology experience. We try hard to fix our customers' computer problems during our first visit, therefore, we only staff experienced, mature technicians.