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Keeping Your Kids Safe

Fight Back Against Internet Dangers

Learn How to Block Unwanted Web Sites &
Get Kids to Talk about Surfing Habits

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Visiting Geeks Recommends CyberPatrol
for effective parental controls. We teach how to install
this software at our free workshops. Or, for more aggressive

parental control or employee monitoring we recommend Spector Pro.
It records email, chat, IMs, keystrokes, Web sites and more.

Visiting Geeks Has Recently Facilitated Workshops at...
Newburyport Public Library
Wood Hill Middle School in Andover
Fuller Meadow School in Middleton

During Our Workshop You’ll Learn How To

  • Use the security controls already on your computer that block certain Internet usage
  • Prevent technically-savvy kids from undoing security put in place by you
  • Choose off-the-shelf software products when more aggressive controls are needed
  • We'll walk you through step-by-step how to install CyberPatrol and you'll receive a detailed handout with instructions

Special Guest Appearance
There will be a special appearance by Newburyport psychotherapist Jan Nealer, who has a doctorate in family counseling. She’ll discuss the emotional drive behind kid’s Internet surfing behaviors and how to build open communication between parent and child, so kids make safe online choices.

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Refreshments will be served.

Basic do’s and don’ts for safe online behavior you can teach your child, such as: never give out any personal information, do not download anything that’s not from a trustworthy source, never say anything in a chat room you wouldn’t say in public, people are not always who they seem to be, and more.

The two key rules-of-thumb for safe online computing are:

  1. Keep your identity private

  2. Never meet someone in person you first met online


  • An overview of the latest Internet perpetrator techniques used to lure teenagers into dangerous situations, specifically through use of Instant Messaging, Chat rooms and Bulletin Boards/profiles.

  • Software tools currently on most computers that allow parents to enable various filters that’ll block certain Web sites from being accessed. For example: Internet Explorer has some parental control features that in many instances are not enabled. The user must purposefully activate the features.

  • Use of existing software parents may already have installed on their computers for other purposes, that when enabled, can also block certain Web sites from being accessed. Example: Trend Micros’ anti-virus software has a built in firewall that’ll accept a list of Web sites that may not be accessed. Visiting Geeks will instruct parents on where to go within their software program(s) and enter the necessary information.

  • Tactics young adults use to circumvent their parents’ monitoring efforts. Most teenagers know far more about how to navigate and take advantage of a computer’s “powers” than most adults. Thus, parents may proactively set parental controls that even a non-savvy teenage computer user could circumvent. We’ll describe the most common and effective strategies.

  • The availability of various software that’s exclusively for parental controls, both filtering and monitoring tools, what type of ratings they have, what works, what doesn’t, and how to use them.

  • Throughout the workshop we’ll have hands-on opportunities for parents to watch and use various parental control software programs available to them.

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The workshop is FREE. However, seating is limited.
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