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Electronics Recycling Year-round
Homes and Businesses north of Boston

Tired of old computers and electronics cluttering up your home or office? Visiting Geeks can help! We dispose of them for you, safely.

As a courtesy to our existing customers, we will provide recycling pickup to any town north of Boston, while we're already at your location providing computer repair services. Recycling fees are in addition to our standard computer repair rates, and there are no pickup minimums in this instance. Here's more information about our computer repair services.

Why Recycle Electronics?

  • Most electronics may not be combined with household trash because they're considered hazardous waste.
  • You’re tired of seeing electronics laying around collecting dust.

Community members participating in school recycling fundraisers, receive an additional 20% off the following fees. And your school receives 40% of all recycling collected. Please support area schools. Attend a fundraiser.

PC towers or laptops $25 each
Monitors up to 19 inches $25 each
Monitors from 20 inches up to 24 inches $35 each
Printers $25 each
DVDs and VCRs $25 each
Stereo Equipment $25 per item
TVs up to 27 inches (excludes console TVs) $45 each
TVs and consoles up to 32 inches $53 each
TVs and consoles up to 36 inches $69 each

We'll also collect the power cord, mouse, keyboard, PC speakers and misc. cabling, associated with the items above. For example, when you recycle a computer tower, we will take its associated power cord, speakers and keyboard. The latter three items are included in the $25 fee.

We will NOT pick up monitors or TVs with physically broken picture tubes, since hazardous lead is already seeping out. NOTE: We'll consider a case-by-case basis on broken items. Call to discuss at 978.346.4087.

We WILL pick up monitors and TVs that aren't functioning properly. For example, TVs that won't turn on, sound doesn't work, flashing monitors, etc.

We require a 15-item minimum in order for you to receive a pickup. Pickups are restricted to Massachusetts and very Southern NH towns north of Boston. For fewer items, you're welcome to drop off at our Merrimac computer shop located at 4 Merrimac Square, Merrimac, MA 978.346.4087.

If we are already on-site facilitating computer repair work, there are no minimums; however, you still incur recycling fees.


Do You Accept Recycling Drop-offs?
YES, but please call ahead at 978.346.4087. Our drop off location is located at 4 Merrimac Square, Merrimac, Mass.

What do you do with my items?
We dispose of all items in an environmentally safe and secure manner. Our recycling process breaks down all material to component-level for processing\melting. None of this material ends up in a landfill. None of our recycled materials are shipped out of the country. We also obtain a certificate of safe disposal for all equipment.

Are there minimums when I drop off?

Sorry, but we do not provide recycling in Maine.

School Electronic Recycling Fundraisers
At Visiting Geeks we understand it's difficult finding the financial resources to support your school. That's why we've developed a program to help you quickly and easily raise money to support your educational efforts.

Here's how our fundraiser program works...

Simply coordinate an Electronics Recycling Day. During an Electronics Recycling Day, community members and parents drop off their electronics recycling, usually at your school, and pay the noted recycling fees above.

Visiting Geeks will be on hand to receive the recycling and to ensure all items are collected, managed and disposed of safely. At the end of the event, we will write you a check that's equal to 40% of all recycling checks collected that day. For example: If you collect 100 computer towers at $25 each, we'll write you a check for $1000 at the end of the event.

The reality is that just about EVERYONE has old electronics sitting around collecting dust. And since you're not allowed to throw electronics out in your household trash, collecting 100 computers, monitors, printers, etc. is fairly easy -- making an Electronics Recycling Day a quick and profitable fundraiser.

The Lesson Plan, a teacher's right...
An Electronics Recycling Day works well when teaching students about our environment, the negative impact of certain materials and their responsibility in helping to improve and preserve our world. Combining an Electronics Recycling Day with an environmental lesson plan works wonders for the hands-on, visual learner.

We recommend the following marketing efforts facilitated by your school in order to generate as much fundraising as possible:

  • Proactively communicate with parents, teachers and friends about your upcoming Electronics Recycling Day, i.e., in electronic and snail mail newsletters, on your Web site, take-home folders, etc.
  • Tell your local newspaper. The reality is, most people don't know how or where to recycle electronics. What's more, they'd enjoy knowing that when they do recycle their electronics, they're also making a donation toward your school and educational advancement.
  • Post signs; banners on your school grounds and road signs work great. A simple, "Electronics Recycling this Saturday! Visit for more information." will do. Of course, we're happy to promote your upcoming Electronics Recycling Day right here on this page. Or ask us for one of our recycling banners. Either way, signs and banners are your most affordable and visible way to get the word out about any good cause.

Ready to schedule an Electronics Recycling Day?

Call Mary O'Rourke, to schedule your next easy-to-implement and successful school fundraiser, 978.346.4087.


Nonprofit Organization

Visiting Geeks Donation
Helen R. Donaghue Scholarship Fund, Merrimac $1108
Triton Regional High School (TMPO), Byfield $1632
Page School Green Team, West Newbury $1555
Pine Grove School Hard Drive Committee, Rowley $1239
Page School PTO, West Newbury $2134